Recap: Wedding Preparations Continue

One of the reasons why I was able to convince the managing director of my company to let me work from Florida the entire week of the wedding was because the church David and his parents are members of scheduled a shower for us the Monday before our wedding.

A few weeks before, we had a shower hosted by my excellent MOH Whitney. This second shower also meant a lot because people who didn’t even really know me took the time to put this together for us.

Our wedding wasn’t the only big life event that happened during the week of our wedding. On Tuesday, Sept. 28, David got sworn in as an attorney (yay!):

While we were at the court house, we also applied for our marriage license — perfect timing, too, because Florida requires a three-day waiting period so the earliest available date for us to actually be married on was October 1, 2010!

Later that day, we headed over to the Olive Garden to finalize our menu for the rehearsal dinner.

I like think I was an easy-going bride. Our florist even said I was not high maintenance, which I took as a huge compliment. We didn’t have many problems at all, but one did stick out.

For some reason, choosing a rehearsal dinner venue was not that easy. We wanted something close to the church, which wasn’t hard since the area is small anyway, but also something that was a little bit different — something we could get excited about. We thought about McGuire’s, but they no longer have a back room sufficient for this type of event. Finally, we decided upon Ciao Bella — a small Italian restaurant right across from the Emerald Grande (our reception venue and where David and I were staying the night before the wedding). We thought everything was fine — we were even excited about having the place to ourselves since the restaurant only sits ~30 people anyway.

Then, the week before our wedding week, David told me that the owner was going to charge an insane amount (something equivalent to $50 per person — ridiculous!). We both thought he would back down once we came back with an estimate from the local Olive Garden, but he did not. Oh well – his loss. We were basically going to guarantee a full restaurant on a Thursday night in the off season.

Thankfully, the Olive Garden in Destin was available and perfectly willing to cooperate with us. David took care of locking down the time and getting all of the details sorted.

Tuesday was also the day of my hair consult. Call me crazy but I didn’t have a hair or make up trial! I had them scheduled for the day before my birthday when I flew to Florida to take care of wedding plans, but weather in D.C. canceled my flight and I barely made it in time to do the meetings that I had to do. It all worked out in the end though – I had my trusty iPhone which had a picture of what I wanted! Gotta love technology.


More to come…



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