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8 months!

Wow, where has the time gone? It seems like Claire has grown so much in just the past month.

8 months!

We don’t go back to the pediatrician for another month, so I don’t have any numbers to share, but we do have a lot of milestones to report on!


All of sudden, Claire started army crawling. And she got real good, real fast. David and I can’t even recall the first time she crawled. It just happened so suddenly. Even Claire’s daycare teachers said they were surprised when she was crawling everywhere one week, when just the week before she didn’t seem interested in it.

Of course this opens up a whole new can of worms. She loves going for the TV stand, fireplace, bar stools, china cabinet… But it’s also fun to watch her. The first week she started crawling, she crawled down the hallway to her bathroom where David was getting her bath ready! She loves to make her way into the kitchen, and across the whole house to our master bedroom. She loves crawling into our closets and our bathroom. We have mirrored doors so she loves to look at herself in the mirror and try to high five herself. It’s fun to watch but scary! She’s definitely keeping us on our toes.

Crawlin in the bathroom

Quickly after she started crawling, she also figured out how to go from being on her stomach to sitting up. David and I were both amazed! But Claire acted like it was no big deal. Now, when we go get her up for the day, she’s usually sitting up playing — clapping her hands or grabbing the crib bars. Didn’t I mentioned that she’s also learned how to clap?!

She recently has started trying to grab onto things to pull herself up onto her knees. We know it’s only a matter of time until she pulls herself up to standing!


Claire loves fruit!

Oh my, does Claire love fruit! She still doesn’t care for veggies — she’s eaten some carrots and was OK with sweet potatoes, but HATES green beans and peas and squash. She gets really excited when she’s eating her fruits — apples, bananas, pears and peaches. She even enjoyed prunes!



When I walk Claire in to her daycare class on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, she gets really excited. And she doesn’t cry when I leave.

She also made a friend, an older girl (maybe 1.5?) — of course she’s “friends” with everyone but the other 6 students are boys. One of the first days after the older girl started, I went to pick up Claire early because I had a work meeting, and her class was out in the quad strollers for a walk around the building. Her teacher told me that the older girl had her hand on Claire’s shoulder the whole time! How sweet.

Other outings

We typically go to church on Sunday mornings (sometimes we go on Saturday night) and then we go out for brunch. Recently we’ve been going to Another Broken Egg Cafe. Claire doesn’t like to stay in her car seat carrier when we’re in restaurants much anymore, so we’ve been putting her in the high chair. She turns her body all around in there, and loves to look at everyone and all the decorations. She won’t eat the tiny bits of food we try to give her, but she seems to enjoy being able to experience more of the world!

Babies who brunch


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7 Months!

Claire is already 7 months old! She is the downward slope to 1!

This past month was a big month for Claire. Lots of things happening.

Baby Dedication

We started the month with Claire’s baby dedication at our church. She fussed a little, but it made for a cute, memorable story. It was a special day for our family. David’s family was able to join us for the service, and for the prayer that our pastor prayed over Claire and our family.

Untitled Untitled

We also had more family photos taken! Claire was much more amenable to the photo shoot this time around. David still hates photos. {The following photos are by Kaci Danielle Photography}

Untitled Untitled

Untitled I went on another business trip the first week of February, but I got lots of pictures and videos! Saying "hi mom" while she's out of town

First illness 😦

The week I got back, Claire started part-time daycare. She’s going two days per week for 4.5 hours a day. She’s only been a couple of times so far, but it gives me some time to focus solely on work, and it’s good for her to be with other babies.

Unfortunately, Claire also experienced her first illness this past month. It started after she got her first flu vaccine — she was congested with a runny nose. She just didn’t feel good. (Note, this was before she started daycare and right before I left for LA!). She was up most of the night and would only sleep when I was holding her — so it was a long, tiring couple of days, but she came through it!

Just a couple of weeks later, she came down with some kind of stomach bug. She was throwing up her entire bottle, and it was coming out the other end. Thankfully, she slept well during this time, but we were worried about her getting dehydrated, and seeing her milk come out her nose was not fun! I did take her to the doctor, who gave me great insight into what to do (feed her just a little bit and gradually increase the amount) and when she would need to go to the ER (hopefully never!). I’m thankful we have a doctor that is 5 minutes down the road and so accommodating to very worried first-time parents.

Just a couple of days after the vomiting-through-the-nose incident, we headed on our first family road trip!

First Road Trip

Road trip! David had a work conference in Amelia Island over Valentine’s Day, so Claire and I tagged along. The car ride was fine — she still wasn’t feeling 100% so she was somewhat fussy, but we survived. It also took Claire awhile to fall asleep in the hotel’s crib, but when she did finally fall asleep, she slept through the night. We enjoyed walking around the hotel grounds — with the shops and restaurants. It was nice weather, and the stroller was a huge help. Amelia Island

And we celebrated Claire’s first Valentine’s Day while we were there!

Happy Valentine's Day


We also started SOLID FOODS! Whoo was that fun. Claire wasn’t sure about them at first. We started with rice cereal, and then carrots… sweet potatoes…green beans… Carrots

But she does enjoy playing with the spoon!

Feeding myself already?!

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