5 Wonderful Things That Make Having a Baby Under One a Joy

When I was pregnant, I read a TON — books, blogs, Pinterest! I came across (and still come across) so many articles about “what you don’t expect” and people explaining how hard it is to be a new mom. Of course they always ended with, “but you’ll love your baby!”

I felt like there were so many negative things about having a small baby that heavily outweighed any good things. But that hasn’t been my experience at all! So I wanted to share a few things that expectant moms can look forward to — not dread.

5 wonderful things to enjoy about your baby under one

5. Seeing her eyes light up when she sees something new.

This photo was taken at church during Claire’s first Christmas season. There were big snowflakes hanging down from the ceiling. As soon as she saw them, her eyes locked on.

4. Watching her as she learns something new

Claire started rolling when she was 3 months old. At first she had to think about it, and I loved stepping back and just letting her do what she needed to do!

3. The reaction when we wake her up in the morning

Every morning, David and I both go into Claire’s room to get her up for the day. Her reaction when she sees us is just so precious! Sometimes she doesn’t want to get up, which is hilarious. But she always gives us a big “good morning” smile!

2. Making her laugh

Becoming a parent makes you crazy! But not in the “you need to go to an asylum” way 😉 I’ve never been “funny” but I’ll do just about anything to get a laugh from Claire!
{Please excuse the spit-up and formula stain!}

1. When she’s tired and snuggles into my shoulder

Every night, we lotion her up, put her in PJ’s and the sleep sack, and give her a bottle. I read her a bedtime story and sing a song, and while I’m reading/singing, Claire slowly but surely relaxes her neck and nuzzles her head into my shoulder. After a long, active day, it’s nice to have this quiet time to hold what usually is a very squirmy, active baby girl.

hi baby girl


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