Four months!

And… we have a roller!

First came the roll from front to back — this happened on 10/24 when she was 14 weeks old.

Then, just a couple of weeks later, she learned to roll from back to front!

Actually, the first time she rolled from stomach to back was on September 13 when she was 8 weeks old! But … that was kind of an accident. 🙂

On to the basics:
Four months!

  • Weight: 15 lbs 3 oz — up from 11.14 at her two month check-up. She’s gained 8 lbs since she was born!
  • Heigh: 23 inches — up from 22.25 inches at her two month check-up. She’s grown 3.5 inches since birth!
  • Head: 16 inches — up from 15.5 inches at her two month check-up. Her head has grown 2.5 inches since she was born!

Her four month appointment was on Friday, and the doctor said everything looks good! Claire passed all of her milestones, and got another round of vaccines. The nurse thinks that Claire remembered the previous vaccination because Claire started getting fussy even before the shots happened. :/

Other development
Four months!

Claire loves to make noises. She “sings” herself to sleep sometimes, and she experiments with different pitches.

She also has started to laugh! The first time she laughed she startled herself. It was so funny.

And… she is a “supported sitter” now! We started putting her in the Bumbo-like chair (it’s not a bumbo… I forget the brand) just before she turned 4 months. She seems to like it — but not for too long.

Sitting up (assisted)

This really is a great age. She’s still very “portable,” and she’s really beginning to enjoy life. She loves to play on her activity mat, reach out and touch things, eat her hands, cuddle with her blankets and stuffed animals, roll all around the floor, and “talk” (babble/coo) to anyone who will listen. And she’s just so cute and fun! I often say to David that I wish she could stay at this age forever, but we both really enjoy watching her grow and develop.



Claire sleeps from 7:30/8 PM – 7 AM (sometimes she wakes up during the night but she goes back to sleep on her own pretty quickly). She usually takes a good morning nap in her swing, then I put her in the crib for her mid-day nap because I typically have work meetings during that time. Most evenings she is with her grandparents or great-grandma and naps vary. 🙂

no more swaddle = sleep sack

I read that you are supposed to stop swaddling at 4 months or when a baby can roll over. So, we stopped swaddling. I purchased a Halo sleep sack from Target, and was really nervous about how it would affect her nighttime sleep.

how'd she get there?!

Thankfully, she continues to sleep well – she just moves around a lot in her crib now! Almost immediately she’ll roll to her side, and she often ends up on her stomach. She also somehow repositions herself in random areas in the crib. I brought this up to the doctor because of all of the “back is best” SIDs awareness, but the doctor said it’s fine because now Claire can move and reposition herself. She’s growing up!

First football game!
first football game (Niceville vs. Choctaw)

The night of Claire’s 3-month birthday (10/16), we took her to the Niceville vs. Choctaw football game.

She slept through the entire first half — even with the crazy noise. It was a big rivalry game so there were lots of cheers and jeers.

At halftime, she woke up to eat a bottle, and then she “watched” the game. We stayed almost until the end. She seemed to enjoy watching the band’s half-time show and watching the football players on the field. It was a good, fun outing!

My first work trip away from Claire

Four days after Claire’s 3-month birthday, I got on a plane and headed to Los Angeles for my first business trip post-Claire. She was well taken care of by David, my grandma and David’s parents, so I wasn’t too worried while I was gone. And I love traveling, plus we had some big meetings planned — including a Board of Directors meeting — that week, so my schedule was jam-packed.

Before I left, I walked David through the routines — morning and night. He was just a tad overwhelmed by the thought of being “Mr. Working Mom” while I was gone, so finally I said, “Just make sure she’s alive when I get back!”

It was quite a week, but we all survived!

This next month will be filled with Thanksgiving (her first major holiday!) and getting ready for Christmas. 🙂



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