The Postpartum Ailment I Didn’t Expect

Before I had Claire, I spent a lot of time reading up on what happens before, during and after labor and delivery. I perished Pinterest often, followed blogs like and The Bump. I even downloaded a couple of books.

Bleeding? Knew about that.

A stomach that still looks 6 months pregnant? Got it.

Fatigue and lack of sleep. Yup.

The postpartum injury that no one tells you about.

But I never expected what happened to me just a couple of weeks after Claire was born. None of the blogs mentioned it. My doctor never said it was possible. No preparation at all.

So what happened? I got painful tendinitis in my left wrist.

The official diagnosis is De Quervain syndrome. When I finally went to the doctor after weeks of pain (my husband made me go because he was tired of hearing me say “ow.”), as soon as I told the nurse that I had a newborn, she immediately realized what the issue was. My doctor said it’s a very common injury in postpartum women.

What does a wrist injury have to do with being postpartum? As soon as I tell other moms, they immediately realize why: when you become a mom, you also become ambidextrous. You have to use both hands to do simple tasks because you have a baby in your arms. And because I was so predominantly right-handed before Claire, using my left hand more often took its toll.

A steroid shot and a wrist brace was all it took to fix the issue. But boy was it painful — especially during diaper changes, making and washing bottles, and at random times!



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4 responses to “The Postpartum Ailment I Didn’t Expect

  1. Katherine

    Oh no! So sorry to hear this, Lyndsi! I had DeQuervaines back in college (long before I became a Mom haha) and my doctor told me they also call it “new mom syndrome.” Glad you just needed a shot and a brace – I had to have surgery on mine…not a huge deal, but still no fun. Glad you’re feeling better now! Claire is such a cutie! Love seeing pics!

    • I remember you having wrist issues! I didn’t know you had that, though. Thankfully mine wasn’t that bad – it was more annoying than anything. 🙂 Congratulations on your newborn! Thinking about and praying for you all!

      • Katherine

        Well, it was one of many problems I had, but yeah, it’s such a crazy thing that you never hear about – your the second new mom I’ve heard who was recently diagnosed with it! Thanks! Hope to get to meet Claire and see you when we’re back in Niceville in August!

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