My 28th birthday was filled with good food, flowers, cake — and baby challenges!

Claire decided my birthday was a good day to show me that it’s not about me anymore.

New mom adventures

That morning after Claire finished eating, we were sitting in the rocking chair listening to music. I put her up on my shoulder, and since it was the one time I didn’t put a burp cloth there, she spit up on my shirt. Fast forward a couple of hours and I’m trying to get her ready to go to my grandma’s house. I put her in a 0-3 month size outfit but decided it was too big. So I change her into a newborn size outfit. Meanwhile she’s fussy because she isn’t used to this whole “getting dressed” thing and I’m still getting the hang of the tiny snaps and buttons on baby clothes. As soon as I pick her up, she spits up on her dress (thankfully she missed me this time). So, we suffer through another outfit change before we are finally ready to head out to my grandma’s house.

Thankfully the car calmed her down and she slept for the 30-minute ride. Grandma gave her a bottle, I changed her wet diaper, and then we headed out for my birthday lunch at Logan’s.

Usually Claire falls asleep in the car and sleeps in the restaurant (she stayed asleep for the 40-minute ride and hour-long stay at my uncle’s restaurant the day before). This time, she stayed awake. I knew that was going to be a problem. We sat down and ordered, and then my grandma asked, “what would you do if she started crying?” Claire must have heard us because a few minutes later she started fussing. Not too loud, but enough to make me get her out of her car seat carrier in record time. Did I mention that our food had just arrived?! I calmed her down, gave her a pacifier and put her back in her seat. She stayed awake the rest of the time, but at least she stayed quiet.

When we got back to grandma’s house and I took her out of the car seat, I knew why she had been fussy — she had a dirty diaper. I changed her and gave her back to grandma. A little while later it was time for another bottle. After grandma fed her, I ventured out to Starbucks for coffee to go with my birthday cake.

bday cake 1

When I got back, Grandma had put Claire in her swing and she seemed content. We cut the birthday cake and almost as soon as we sat down and started eating, Claire started getting fussy again. I had a feeling it was gas-related so when she started really wailing, I picked her up. Immediately I could tell she dirtied her diaper again. But this time when I went to change her, there was a much bigger “present” — so much that it leaked out of her diaper and onto her outfit! Cue outfit change #4 for the day.

We stayed at Grandma’s house for a little bit longer until we had to leave to go home and get ready for my birthday dinner. Claire slept again on the ride home. I quickly changed her into a cute dress, and then it was time for David, Claire and I to meet David’s parents and brother at Tucker Duke’s for dinner.

We sat down at our reserved table, and Claire was still sleeping. We order, talk, our food comes and … Claire wakes up ready to eat! We had a bottle ready for her, so she didn’t get to the point of crying. And I did have enough time to get my fill of food before I had to feed her.

After dinner, we went back to our house for more cake. bday cake 2

Claire slept until David’s parents got ready to leave. The rest of the night she was fussy again!

fussy fussyI was able to open my birthday presents — a big floating recliner lounge from my grandma, a Banana Republic gift card from the in-laws, and flowers and a ruby necklace from David! (Ruby is Claire’s birth stone) Around 9:30 we gave her a bottle, and put her to bed.

bday flowers

Through all of that, Claire did give me a birthday present (other than the present in her diaper). She slept until 4:30 am that night! She hasn’t done that since, but it was nice to get some rest after that long day.


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