4 Years {and 1 month}

October 1, 2014, marked David’s and my four-year wedding anniversary! We’ve both been so busy with work, football games and traveling that I am just now getting around to posting this (oh well). But we did make time to celebrate at our favorite anniversary-celebrating location: Cafe Tango! The next week we hopped on a plane to Virginia Beach where David judged a law school competition at his old law school, and I got to see two of my friends perform their magic act at the Ciao Wine Festival. And we visited some of the places we used to go when David lived there. It was nice to remember the fun we had before we were married, but also to be reminded that we no longer have to live 3 hours apart!

The traditional gift for the four-year anniversary is fruit/flowers, and the modern gift is appliances. This was easy for David, but tough(er) for me.

David gave me roses and chocolate covered strawberries (my favorite!). I had to get creative since David likes neither flowers nor fruit, and we don’t need any appliances. So I gave him Fruit of the Loom boxers (ha!). I somehow managed to either not take or delete the photo of my gift! 😦 But here’s a throwback to our wedding day!



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