30 Days of Thanks: November 26, 2012

Today, I’m thankful that I work from home.

When I tell people this, they usually respond by saying they don’t know if they could because of all the distractions. But for me, working in an office was distracting. People running around, meetings happening all over — not to mention that people can come up to you whenever and disrupt the work you’re doing. It was nice to be able to talk to coworkers and collaborate whenever, but I prefer more structure and I have more control when I’m at home.

Yes, I do have some distractions — like the couch and TV in the living room. But I also get to eat at home, do the laundry/run the dishwasher, and I have Charlie with me. And if I need to get out, I can go to Panera or Starbucks. It’s wonderful.


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