Thankful Thursday

Today, I’m starting a new weekly series I’m calling “Thankful Thursday.” It’s a blog post dedicated to things I’ve been thanking the Lord for over the past week — from big things like salvation to little things like living close to an outlet mall. 🙂 It’s just a little positive reminder that there’s a lot to be tankful for. Here goes.

Source: via Lyndsi on Pinterest



1. I’m thankful for our house; it really is perfect for us and Charlie.
2. To be able to work from home. I’m also very thankful for my job.
3. For a pantry full of staple items.
4. To be able to give and know that the Lord will provide.
5. For Grayt Coffee House.
6. For good, home-cooked food.
7. For planners
8. For long, hot baths
9. To be dancing again (“The Wiz” is in less than two weeks! Ahh.)
10. For David, and his support. And Charlie, of course.


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