Confessions of a homeowner

A year ago yesterday, we officially closed on our house. To commemorate this occasion, here are my homeownership confessions from the past year:

  • Home Depot is now my favorite store. Gap? No. Banana Republic? If they have good sales. But I’m always looking for a reason to visit the big Depot.
  • In fact, I love Home Depot so much that we go there to figure out what we need, and then buy the item online for less than what it costs at the store. What? We’re on a budget here.
  • Keeping the house clean is an unending battle. I now realize why my grandma cleans incessantly.
  • Sometimes, I use Charlie as an excuse to not vacuum. He always runs away when I bring it out. Can’t be mean to the little dude like that when we’re going to be away for a few hours!

    Not the vacuum again!

  • The color of our tile floors and granite countertops make it hard to spot spills and other stains. This is both a blessing and a curse.
  • If a door to a room is closed, it’s because that room is a mess. However, this doesn’t work in the living room, kitchen or dining room thanks to our open floor plan. That’s why 90% of my cleaning occurs in those three areas.
  • I now understand the power of making the bed. The rest of the room (or house for that matter) could be a mess, but taking 30 seconds to make the bed makes it feel like it’s cleaner than it is.
  • When I take Charlie for walks, I always pay attention to the yards and landscaping of the other houses in our neighborhood. I get excited when the garage is open so I can see how it is (or isn’t) organized.

    Let's make our grass pretty like the neighbors'! It'll be even more fun to tear up!

  • I once stopped one of our neighbors while he was mowing the yard to ask how he keeps his grass looking so nice. Turns out he planted a different type of grass than what the builder provides. Cheater.
  • The bug man, Century Link tech guy and mailman are my new best friends. Charlie loves them, too.

    Yay! A new friend!

  • And, finally, I’m thankful daily to live where we live. Beautiful beaches + no state income tax + no metro system = paradise.

view from Fish out of Water


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