New menu items at Pizza by the Sea!

It’s no secret that we love Pizza by the Sea (David is the mayor of PBTS on foursquare). We go there almost once a week, and we usually order a plain ol’ cheese pizza. Not because we’re boring, but because it’s just so good. The cheese, the sauce and the crust — mmm… I want some now!

But PBTS had to change things up on us by adding some delicious-looking new items to the menu last week. The new options range from appetizers like caprese bread, to YUM bowls (essentially pizza in a bowl), to dessert pizza. All of it makes my mouth water.

So yesterday we branched out and tried their new caprese bread. It’s a good thing PBTS’s tagline is YUM! because it was delicious. The creamy mozzarella, fresh basil and juicy tomatoes drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette was good on its own.

Combine that with the chewy, herby bread and it was amazing. The only downside is that the bread was cut into narrow strips, which made it hard to scoop up the delicious tomato/mozzarella/basil mixture, but the owner did tell us they are planning to change the way they cut the bread to make it easier to eat.

When we ordered, I asked the cashier what the most popular new menu item is, and he told me it’s the buffalo bread. We’ll be back to try that out soon! I also have my eye on their dessert pizza.


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  1. I love this post Thanks for sharing this post!

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