Spring Cleaning Tips

It’s officially spring, and you know what that means — time for spring cleaning! We’ve been in our house for almost a year now (!) so I’m dedicated to thoroughly cleaning this year, especially since we were fortunate enough to buy a brand new house.

Keeping a house clean is never-ending work, but taking this time to do a deep clean, reorganize and even clean out some clutter will help keep the house in good condition, and possibly even make it easier to keep up with daily, weekly and monthly cleaning.

But this is definitely a monumental task, and as a new homeowner, I wanted to write down a few things that worked for me this year.

1. Break up tasks into manageable chunks

Thinking about all of the work that needs to be done is overwhelming, which could make people (me) procrastinate. But cleaning in stages helps motivate me — after all, checking off items on a list is always fun!

2. Use this time to clean up clutter

I’m notoriously bad for thinking, “oh, I might wear that one day,” or “I could use that one day…” But no more! If I haven’t worn something in a year, or I haven’t used something since it’s been bought, I’m getting rid of it. (I have a huge box of stuff to donate to Goodwill.) Cleaning up clutter makes a house cleaner since there’s less stuff. But even better, it makes room for new stuff! 😉

3. Make a list of things you need to replenish

Make a list of pantry staples, cleaning products, office supplies, etc., and then go to Sam’s or Costco and stock up!

4. Make a (realistic) wish list

We all have things we want for our homes (a fireplace, a hot tub…) but some things could actually add value to our daily lives. While you’re thinking about the contents of your house, jot down things you could really use. For example: cabinet organizers, a shoe rack, etc.

5. Use this as a springboard to get into the mindset of cleaning regularly

After completing spring cleaning, picking up things around the house every morning or dusting every couple of days won’t seem like such a big deal. As you’re cleaning, you may think things like, “I really need to clean this more often” or “I can’t believe I let it get this dirty.” Well don’t! Make a resolution to keep your house clean (it doesn’t have to be Jan. 1 for us to create resolutions!). Create a matrix for daily, weekly and monthly cleaning tasks, and list items accordingly. Then, in your planner or on a white board, list the tasks and check them off as you go. You’ll feel more productive, and you’ll have a nice clean house.

Do you do spring cleaning? What are you tips?


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