Red Velvet Birthday Cake

This weekend was a very special weekend — David’s birthday weekend!

David was able to relax on Friday as he was off for Veteran’s Day. I had to work, but we kicked off the weekend by going to 98 BBQ for dinner (David had requested it forever ago!).

On Saturday morning, we went to Another Broken Egg for breakfast. It is has become our go-to place for birthday breakfast.

After breakfast, we spent the afternoon at home, cleaning and watching the FSU vs. Miami game. We were able to catch most of the game before we had to hit the road to Panama City. We saw a lot of the terrible officiating, but had to listen to the most ridiculous event of the game in the car.

Anyway, we headed to Panama City to attend a David Crowder Band concert (and of course grabbed Chick-fil-A on the way). The concert tickets were technically my one-year anniversary gift to David (to go with the paper tradition and all), but it just happened to fall on David’s birthday. The show was part of The 7 Tour, the band’s last tour together. It was an amazing concert with a lot of energy and fantastic music. Even though DCB has been a favorite for a while, I’m glad we were introduced to Chris August and Gungor at the concert — I’ve already added some of their songs to Spotify.

Bright light at the DCB concert. I'm going to miss them.

Earlier on Saturday, I also baked a red velvet cake — David’s favorite! (One layer of our wedding cake was red velvet.) I used this recipe but only made one big layer and used store bought cream cheese icing.

love the color

I was a little nervous when the instructions said “working quickly…” but it wasn’t too difficult to make.


I enjoyed combining the baking soda and vinegar. 🙂

ready to eat!

I also enjoyed putting the final product in our cake dish, which was a wedding gift.

happy birthday, David!

This little guy’s birthday is next! I have big plans to celebrate. 🙂




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