One Year: How Far We’ve Come

One year ago today, David and I exchanged wedding vows and began our married life journey together.

Black and White

We grew a lot in the years since we started dating. We moved thousands of miles away from our hometown (and comfort zone), lived 3.5 hours apart and only saw each other on weekends for three years, celebrated milestones and endured tragedies together, and grew as individuals only to realize that we are better when we’re together.

Our wedding day was truly the best day of my life. Surrounded by friends and family, we celebrated our love and commitment to each other with beautiful flowers, great food, yummy cake, dancing and age-old wedding day traditions.


But reflecting upon our first year of marriage, I realize that we’ve had quite a year.

We went on our honeymoon — a cruise to the Bahamas.

Our Wait Staff

We moved into our first apartment together.

The view from our apartment in Arlington.

Celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas in Florida with our family.

The ornament says, "Our First Christmas"

David received a job offer, which gave us the opportunity to move back to Florida — something we both had been praying for. And David finally became a “real lawyer.” 😉

Welcome to the Sunshine State!

We got our puppy Charlie! Again, something David had been wanting for a while 😉 Little did we know Charlie would soon break his leg.

"I want to lick the camera."

We bought our first home! We lived with David’s parents after we moved back to Florida to save money, and a few months later we were proud homeowners. Oh, and we embarked on the difficult process of decorating and making the house our home.


We joined a new church — Destiny Worship Center.

And to round out the year, David landed his dream job. He hasn’t started yet, so that will be a big change for our second year of marriage, which is already shaping up to be another one for the books.

Through all of the changes and growing, I know that David is the best thing in my life. I look forward to many, many more very happy years together. 🙂

first dance



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