Restaurant Review: Pizza by the Sea

There’s pizza, and then there’s pizza — the fresh, tasty kind that you crave, not the stuff you settle for when you don’t want to cook.

Pizza by the Sea (PBTS) is a local restaurant that serves some of the best pizza ever. Our first experience was on a Friday when we were craving pizza. Since we live in the middle of nowhere far enough way from the center of town that none of the typical pizza places (like Papa John’s) deliver to our neighborhood, we did a quick Google search, found Pizza by the Sea and decided to give it a go.

Image via the PBTS Facebook page

We enjoyed it so much, David is now the foursquare mayor! (In case you don’t know, you have to have checked in to a location more than anyone else in a two-month period to become the mayor.) We usually order a medium margherita pizza, but we’ve also tried the stromboli (also amazing).


During the week, PBTS has a great lunch menu, including a medium cheese pizza and two fountain drinks for $10.99 and a giant slice of pizza with either a side salad, side of baked spaghetti or a cup of soup with a drink for $6.99.

The only problem is that this place is always packed. It’s small (as is pretty much everything in this area) and seating (which is both indoor and outdoor) is limited but they do offer carry out. We’ve always been able to grab a seat, and it’s definitely worth it.

You can find out more by visiting the PBTS website or the Facebook page.



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