Restaurant Review + Sweet Sunday: 32 Degrees, A Yogurt Bar

Today is National Ice Cream Day (thanks President Reagan!), and we celebrated by hitting one of our favor Destin spots — 32 Degrees, A Yogurt Bar at Silver Sands, a self-serve frozen yogurt shop. OK, frozen yogurt (hereby known as “froyo”) isn’t really ice cream, but it’s healthier! And it’s a much more fun, personalized experience.

We first experienced self-serve froyo at Tyson’s Corner and were thrilled when we learned that there was a froyo shop opening up close to our new house. Even though this 32 Degrees location opened only a couple of months ago, we’ve already gone through three “Buy 10, get one free” cards. Yes, we love it that much. 🙂

The cool thing about any self-serve froyo is that you grab a cup and put any available flavor or topping in it, and pay by weight (only $.45 per ounce!). I think I’ve come close to perfecting my cup of froyo: Tahitian vanilla froyo, gummi bears (but only the red ones…), Butterfinger crumbles, Oreos (either the crumbles or miniatures, whichever they have), nuts (usually pecans) and fruit (I’m loving raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and kiwi).


I love that every bite has something different (will I get an Oreo, or a blueberry??), and it’s fun to scoop up just the right amount of froyo and toppings.

The people at 32 Degrees are really nice, and it apparently is family owned, but it’s not just local. There are locations in Alabama, Kentucky and South Carolina as well as the one in Destin.

I do have to say, though, that they often don’t have some of the flavors and toppings we want. They haven’t had cookies & cream for a while, and we prefer Oreo crumbles to the whole miniature oreos. They also haven’t had pecans the last few times we’ve been, which is David’s new favorite topping.

But, it’s definitely the best froyo shop in the area (there are two others we know of: Bippys at Uptown Station in Fort Walton Beach, and Twirl which is near Destin Commons). My all-time favorite froyo place is called Menchie’s — we went there everyday a lot when were in Orlando on vacation in May.



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