Found: Rugs

Furnishing a brand new house when you don’t have any furniture is hard. We had used furniture in our apartment in Arlington, but donated it in advance of our move back to Florida. So we started from scratch.

Before we closed and we were trying to figure out where to get furniture, we went to Havertys on a whim just to get ideas and the store happened to be having a great sale. So we got the basic furniture — a bedroom set (including a bed, mattress and box springs, dresser and mirror and end table), a dining room table and four chairs, a couch and an entertainment center. That was easy.

Now, we’re struggling to finish furnishing and decorating the place. But I am determined to get it to the point where I’m comfortable having people (other than immediate family) over, so we’ve been on a hunt to find the items on a must-have list.

The first thing was a rug for our dining room. Our table and chairs is beautiful, but it seemed so… cold and bare without a rug. We found one at Lowe’s, and are loving it so far!

dining room

It’s soft and makes the room look more complete.

from an angle

Oh, and Charlie loves it, too. 🙂


We also needed something for our massive foyer. I read that you should have the nicest furnishings in your foyer since that is the first thing that people see when they come into your home. With this in mind, I was OK with spending more money on a rug for the foyer.


We found this one at Bed, Bath & Beyond and I love it. It’s so soft and pretty, and really makes our foyer more welcoming and less… empty.

pretty + soft

We have a mirror to put up in the foyer, too, but we also want to buy a long table to put along the wall. We also need a ton of other stuff (especially picture frames and wall decor). So, we’re still very much working on the house, but it’s coming along, inch by inch!



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2 responses to “Found: Rugs

  1. Kaththee

    I don’t know how much you have done since this was posted. It is hard when you are starting from scratch and have to furnish a home. So far it looks good. As you are choosing your palette remember to include your tile and your wood tones as a color. Try to bring that terra-cotta color up off the floor and into the room through textiles, art and accessories. Right now the two most dominate colors are the brown of the wood and the terra-cotta of the tile. It would be good to repeat those colors elsewhere along with the green. If you covered your chairs in a green and terra-cotta color print it would look very pretty. There is really no such thing as a neutral that you can ignore. Good design repeats itself. :)) Thank you for letting me see your home.

    • Thank you for the tips! We haven’t done much, really. We’re trying to take our time to find the right things. It’s definitely difficult, especially since we are not decorators (we just watch a lot of HGTV!). 🙂

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