Taco Night + Charlie Pics!

One of the things we missed most when we were living up north was Publix. Publix is by far my favorite grocery store, though I also love Fresh Market, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. One of the reasons I recently am REALLY loving Publix right now is because of its BOGO deals on certain products, which are conveniently placed when you first walk into the store.

Dinner in a box

Recently, Publix has these taco kits on BOGO. The kits included taco shells, meat seasoning, and sauce so all you need to add is the meat (we used ground beef) and any other toppings like lettuce and cheese. Once I saw them, I immediately added two to our cart.


We had a choice of getting regular taco shells or these new fangled ones that you can stand up, which we of course had to try. The taco seasoning was delicious, and for a meal in a box, it was really good. It’s always nice to have something easy to make on a weekday night. Thanks for the yummy meal, Old El Paso!

And, just because, here are so recent pics of Charlie!


You see that blanket he is laying on? Yeah, he chewed a hole in it. A hole big enough to fit his head through.

silly boy

Charlie also has been spending a lot of time in my home office. As you can imagine, he likes to help me work. 🙂

break time, please?

What are you go-to meals during the week?


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