Spring is a time for walking

It has been beautiful on Florida’s emerald coast recently. Aside from a bad storm yesterday, there have been clear skies and cool but sunny temperatures. I’ve already visited the white-sand beach this year (this is surprisingly early for me) and soaked up every minute of it. But, I will warn against using spray-on sunscreen. I got burnt in some weird places.

Enjoy the view.

The lovely weather is one of the reasons why I’ve been extra motivated to go on daily walks around the neighborhood. This weather will only be here for so long before the heat arrives! Since I’ve been walking, I’ve noticed that my old tennis shoes weren’t doing the job. So I gave in and bought a new pair. But not just any shoes — I’m now sporting fun Skechers Shape-ups! (Check out the handy iPhone app here).


My mother-in-law has a pair and she loves them. I found them on sale at a store in the local mall and was sold when I read that they decrease the pressure on joints and can help with posture — along with helping to tone legs. I wore them during today’s walk and I definitely felt like they were working… although some people might say that’s just in my head. 🙂

I’ve also been on a walking kick because I read that it’s one of the best things you can do for your health. Walking also helps me clear my head and provides a much-needed escape from my work. Not to mention I meet many new friends along the way — neighbors and their cats and dogs (or as my Aunt Karen says, “fur children”). This week I also encountered a small, slimy snake (yuck!), and last Saturday David and I saw two small turtles headed toward the water. It’s like a nature walk… except on pavement.


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