Moving + Saving

I have a new goal: Do some kind of exercise six days a week.

I’ve been thinking about starting a workout regimen and eating healthier foods for a while. But working 9-6 in D.C. (actually more like 6:30 or 7), plus the commute on the metro made me want to lounge on the couch rather than exercise. Now that I work from home 8-5 (I’m in Central time now), I don’t feel as tired. Plus, the company I work for just implemented a wellness initiative that includes a calorie burning competition so I have extra incentive to workout since I have to record the number of calories I burn doing workouts each day.

Oh, and I have a workout buddy!

Here’s another big update: We’re on our way to look at houses! David’s office is about 45 minutes from where we currently live, and he’s quickly getting tired of the drive. It also appears that interest rates may soon increase, so we’re to get stared with this process. I’ll post pics if we find one that we like!


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