A big move

It’s been a busy couple of months for us. A couple of weeks after Christmas, David received and accepted an offer for an attorney position at a husband-and-wife law firm in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. Two and half weeks later, we moved back to Florida.

Sugar white sand + emerald water

We always figured we would return to Florida eventually. After my mom passed away, it became a larger and more pressing goal, especially because my grandmother is here and basically living by herself. We both grew up in Northwest Florida, we both have relatively small families that live in this area, and we were growing tired of D.C. — the metro, the attitude, the cold (and sometimes snowy) weather, and the distance and amount of effort it took us to visit family and friends in Florida.

We also knew that if we stayed in D.C. for a long period of time we wouldn’t be able to buy a house anytime soon — a mutual and important goal for us. To give some perspective, we were paying more in rent for a studio apartment in Arlington than we would be paying in mortgage payments. And, rent increases every year; mortgage payments stay the same.

Now we are saving for a house (and hoping that the low prices extend until we are ready to purchase), and enjoying being home and close to our family and long-time friends. Let’s hope 2011 continues to be a great year for us.



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