Recap: Rehearsal + Rehearsal Dinner

On Thursday, I could hardly believe it was here! When we had our final meeting at the Emerald Grande, we went to the front desk to ask to check in early on Thursday. The guy told us to call on Thursday morning, and you can be sure that’s exactly what Whitney did! By 10 AM our rooms were ready (I was staying in a two bedroom unit with MOH Whitney and BM Melody and David had a three bedroom unit for him and his grooms dudes). I was so excited — I got my bag, went to pick up Whitney and we were off!

David had to pick up one of his groomsmen from the airport that morning and then go get their tuxes. Whitney and I had some last-minute shopping to do, then grabbed lunch at Lenny’s where her dad works. When we got to the Emerald Grande, I was blown away by the rooms. I knew they would be nice, but they were amazing!

When David made the reservations, he told the lady he wanted us girls to have a room on the “Grande Vista” level so we stepped out to this amazing view of the pool and the gulf:

We had some time before the rehearsal so we laid out by the pool for a little while. Melody joined us after she got off of work and then it was time to get ready! When we got to the church, I saw my uncle outside and then headed inside to find more family and friends waiting — but David was late! Preacher had some questions for me, but I couldn’t answer because David was in charge of the wedding ceremony — and he had the programs! When he finally showed up, preacher gave him a look and teased him for showing up in shorts. Apparently, he had forgotten his khaki pants at home. Preacher talked to the crowd about how long he had known David and the first time he met me (coincidentally, it was at Olive Garden!). Then we got on with the rehearsal.

After we had gone through the ceremony a couple of times, it was time to eat! We headed over to the Olive Garden where Whitney and Melody had decorated with balloons.

We ate and talked with our closest family and friends.

And I was embarrassed by Whitney 🙂

We gave out gifts to our bridal party.

And thanked everyone for being a part of our wedding celebration.

After dinner, most of my bridesmaids and some of David’s groomsmen went with us to McGuire’s where we stapled a dollar bill on the wall. It had our name & wedding date, and all of the bridal party members that were there initialed it!

Then, we headed back to the Emerald Grande where we enjoyed the hot tub before going to bed.



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