(e) Save the date!

Like a large majority of our generation, David and I are both active Internet users. Many of our guests are, too. So, instead of spending money on 200 paper save the date cards (and stamps…), we decided to only send the paper save the dates to those people who we do not correspond with online – like David’s grandparents and my extended family and send e-save the dates to everyone else.

From the (many) wedding magazines and blogs I read, e-save the dates are not recommended. However, it makes sense for people our age to let their guests know electronically when the date is for many reasons: it saves money, it saves time, we correspond with most of these people online anyway, they can easily copy & paste the date and time in their electronic calendar and our guests are more likely to visit our wedding website from an electronic save the date than a paper save the date (which they would probably just throw away anyway).

We were also able to highlight one of our awesome engagement pictures.
(E) Save the date!

Another great convenience about using these e-save the dates is that it provides a place for our guests to update their address so when the time comes to send out the actual invitations (which will be the traditional paper invitations), we will have their correct address. Brilliant!


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