Who knew registering was so difficult?

Over the past few weekends, David and I have started compiling our wedding registries. Be sure to check out the registry section of our wedding web site for links & other information.

We started our very first registry at Bed, Bath and Beyond. We actually opened the registry at our first bridal show in Alexandria, VA, and it was also the first registry we actually added items to.

After being given the run down of how we can update our registry online and how to use the scanner, we started out into the store with the expectation that this would be easy & fun. Well, it was fun but we didn’t realize how difficult it would be! There are so many items and so many different styles to choose from it can feel overwhelming at times.

While I was trying to choose between similar yet slightly different sets of dishes/glasses/cake stands/coffee makers/etc., David was preoccupied with the scanner.

A First

David registering for our first item: a dish rack.

David had the scanner during most of our trip to Bed, Bath & Beyond, but he did let me use it to register for a coffee pot which was the item I was most excited about.

Help Us Fulfill Our Addiction

Registering for a coffee pot!

We were at Bed, Bath & Beyond for hours and still left without a complete registry. Thankfully, they gave us a check list of items they recommend registering for, which is very helpful. We checked off quite a few items, but we still have a lot of decisions to make. According to The Knot, the rule of registering is to be liberal (something we aren’t very used to being) with the scanner – after all, if people buy us something we decide we don’t want, we can always return it! Keeping that in mind made the process more fun for both of us.


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